Expert Tailoring Services for Men and Women

Welcome to the heart of our craftsmanship at Tom and Luigi’s Tailor Shop—where fabric meets finesse, and every stitch is a statement of quality. For over four decades, our dedicated tailors have been refining the art of tailoring to offer an array of services tailored to men’s and women’s garments, ensuring a perfect fit and a flawless look for every customer.

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Precision Hemming

Achieving the perfect length is essential, whether it’s for your favorite jeans, a formal dress, or a classic skirt. Our hemming service is carried out with precision and care, ensuring that your garments drape beautifully at just the right length for your height and the style of your footwear.

Taking In/Out for the Ideal Fit

Our bodies change, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to. We expertly alter the size of your garments at critical points—such as the waist, bust, or hips—to better fit your current measurements. This service ensures your clothes hug your silhouette in all the right places, providing comfort and confidence in your appearance.

Lining Replacement for Renewed Elegance

The lining of a garment is its hidden luxury. We replace worn or damaged linings in coats, jackets, or dress pants, giving them new life and prolonged wear. Choose from our selection of high-quality fabrics for a custom touch.

Zipper Replacement for Seamless Functionality

A broken zipper can render a garment unwearable, but our zipper replacement service ensures that you can step out in your cherished pieces once again. We match the best zipper for your item and sew it in with precision, restoring full functionality and style.

Sleeve Adjustment for Perfect Proportions

Sleeves that are too long or too short can disrupt the harmony of a garment’s fit. We offer sleeve adjustments to tailor the length and fit around the arms, ensuring they complement your proportions perfectly.

Button Work for Detail and Durability

Buttons are not just functional; they are also an integral part of a garment’s design. Whether it’s sewing on new buttons, reinforcing existing ones, or creating buttonholes, we pay close attention to these details for a finish that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Resizing for Life’s Changes

Life brings changes to our body shape, but you don’t have to part with your favorite outfits. Our resizing service can expertly make a garment larger or smaller to suit your current size, ensuring you can continue to wear your treasured pieces with pride.

Tapering for Contemporary Silhouettes

Fashion evolves, and so can your clothes. Our tapering service narrows certain parts of a garment, such as the legs of pants or the sides of a shirt, to offer a more contemporary silhouette that flatters your figure.

Restyling for a Fresh Look

Revitalize your wardrobe with our restyling services. We can update the style of a garment, such as changing its neckline, silhouette, or adding modern elements, to bring it in line with current fashion trends or your evolving taste.

Patchwork for Unique Character

When wear and tear occur, our patchwork service not only repairs holes or tears but can also add a distinctive design feature. We offer patches that blend seamlessly or stand out, adding character to your garment.

At Tom and Luigi’s Tailor Shop,

Every garment is treated with the utmost respect and care, ensuring that when you walk out, you carry with you not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol of exceptional tailoring. Visit us to experience the transformation that expert tailoring can bring to your wardrobe.

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